I just enabled the drivers that ubuntu installs by default and I noticed on my new card the colors are off when I do.

I was using my integrated ati graphics, the Radeon HD 3300, and when I installed the ati drivers color was perfect, or matched the open source drivers colors. I installed a new XFX Radeon HD 5830 and with the open source drivers the colors match perfectly my old integrated card but when I install the ati drivers the color is off on it. I've adjusted and adjusted with ATi Catalyst Control Center to no avail.

So what should I do? I got it from Newegg so I could send it back, is it just a dud? Do others notice anything like this when they install the ati drivers on a PCIe card? Or should I wait until the new 10.10 ATi Catalyst drivers come out, do you think that would fix it?