I get the same problem as Ultimo, except on a much larger scale. I added my library of ~33000 songs and watching the terminal I see lots of

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/inmcm/exaile/xl/media.py", line 350, in read_tag
audio = mad.MadFile(self.loc)
IOError: Object must have a read method

at the end of scanning (very fast for the task it was given!!) I noticed the count was right

Count is now: 33602

but when I look at the track count in Exaile, it only shows 32919. 700ish track missing. I'm working on tracking down which tracks it baulked on, but it is taking some time with all these files to check.

Other than that, just needs to have some sort of tray thingie and it'll be super awesome!