I'm running Exaile 0.2.6 on Xubuntu 6.10 and for some reason the tray icon doesn't show up. I remember it showing up with older versions of Exaile on older versions of Xubuntu so I don't know where the error lies. I have the option checked in the preferences but it changes nothing. I ran out of things to try. Any suggestions?
I do have the same problem as - Phi, i belive some icon is missing, when i run exail from terminal it gives me this:

oscar@BlackMesa:~$ exaile
Sorry, egg.trayicon is NOT available
Streamripper not found
mmkeys are available.
loading tracks...
done loading tracks...
loading songs
Clearing tracks cache
Importing /home/oscar/.exaile/saved/playlist0000.m3u
Importing /home/oscar/.exaile/saved/playlist0001.m3u
Importing /home/oscar/.exaile/saved/playlist0002.m3u
Importing /home/oscar/.exaile/saved/playlist0003.m3u
Can someone upload this icon and tell us where to put, please?
Thank you.