Hi forum!

My problem is that I recently upgraded my hardware for my Ubuntu Server (10.04.1 ver.) with a new motherboard ++

Then I plugged in RJ45 the at the very same location. But no blinking light from the RJ45 interface, and no connection with router..

The cable must be broken. So I tried the cable with my school laptop (linux Mint newes ver.) .. and it worked! I got connected to the Internet. I've also tried my Windows 7 computer... cable worked as well.

I then tried to change the RJ45 cable and plug it in Ubuntu server... Then I got blinking and connection with the router. I tried with crossed and non-crossed wire. Both working..

Why not keep it the way that was working?
Because that means I need to buy and stretch up a new wire. Which is alot of physical work... lazy by nature.

So how come older computer and other OS acknowledge my cable and not my new and super cheesy Ubuntu Server?

btw the cable that is the problem is self terminated and non-crossed