yesterday I did a fresh install with 10.10 on my notebook.
Everything seemed to work fine, my ath9k wireless connected right away to my network. However, the network speed I get, according to the system monitor, is 0 most of the time and has bumps of around 1kb/s every 20 or so seconds.
It's impossible to even think about using the internet.
My smartphone uses the same network and runs perfectly well with the 6Mbit/s it's supposed to have, so I'm sure it's neither my router nor my ISP.
Downloading the wireless backports package via phone and installing them did no good, either. Nobody on #ubuntu seemed to care/know, so you guys are my last hope. What can I do? Could it help to try a different wireless client, say wicd? Where could I get a complete package with all dependencies?

Thanks in advance!