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Thread: dd image to vdi

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    dd image to vdi

    I understand this process is quite simple, so I'm stumped on how I'm stumped.

    1. dd if=/dev/<hd_on_laptop> of=laptop.img

    2. VBoxManage convertdd laptop.img laptop.vdi

    3. use virtualbox to load the image.

    At step 3 I get a "deadbox" just a blank screen, I've been scouring google and just about every combination of search criteria that would uncover a step I'm missing, so I am turning to the community for help.


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    Re: dd image to vdi

    Apparently not a popular topic!

    I was all excited to "save" my old computers in little virtual boxes, but I guess it's only me.

    Nevertheless I'll post any advances/success I find

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    Re: dd image to vdi

    There's a six-year-old thread in the vbox forums that may (or may not) help you wend your way through this problem: is the address. If your image failed to get the entire disk, that might explain why step 3 fails...
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    Re: dd image to vdi

    Thanks, that helped me get smart on virtualbox commands.

    It turns out if you dd a partition it's not really bootable if your MBR is some other place.

    I made a dd of the entire disk, grub booted and I could load Ubuntu but the the windows part would hang on some file called mup.sys

    googling the mup.sys this seems to be a common problem.

    I've managed to talk the wife into getting a netbook, which will inevitably come with that "other OS" so I can keep that around for when I am forced to use that "other OS"

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