I was recently given a UDF video DVD. Whenever I insert the disc, my DVD drive disappears from the "Computer" area. When I browse manually to its location in /media, the only contents of the disc listed is 1 binary file (which is actually a folder when viewed on Windows machines) named VIDEO_TS. Totem refuses to play the disc, HOWEVER, I can play it manually with mplayer from the command line, it just isn't recognized by Nautilus I'm guessing. Totem won't play it, and if I try opening it with OGMrip to rip it to a file I have to manually launch "ogmrip /dev/sr0" to get it to pick up the disc, since I'm guessing OGMrip just checks to see what Nautilus reports as being available. I've found all sorts of walkthroughs about mounting and playing the disc, but I would like for Nautilus to show the name of the disc once it's inserted and not wig out. I don't care if it's encrypted and I have to use something other than Totem to play it (is there a way to make Totem play it so I don't have to download and install multiple video players?).