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Thread: Tap to click on touchpad doesn't work

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    Tap to click on touchpad doesn't work

    Hello, I've just done a fresh install of Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 on a HP Compaq.
    Tap-to-click on touchpad worked with the previous installation of Ubuntu Gnome 14.04, now it doesn't work anymore. In the settings there's no option to re-enable it.
    I've found a lot of confusing informations about this problem on Google, but many posts are very old and it looks like those problems were solved by some updates.
    How should I procede?

    Here are the specs:
    Schermata da 2016-04-23 00-32-50.png

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    Re: Tap to click on touchpad doesn't work

    Hi ciacnorris, i get the same problem after i fresh install to Ubuntu Gnome. After some research, i found that the tap to click is disabled by default in Ubuntu Gnome 16.04
    What i have to do is just open the settings > mouse/touchpad and then tick the check box tap to click and my tap to click is back, that's all
    Screenshot from 2016-04-29 00-54-44.png
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