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Thread: My gnome menu applet won't stay scrolled down

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    Exclamation My gnome menu applet won't stay scrolled down

    Whenever I scroll don my preferences menu, it goes back up. even if my cursor goes as much as one pixel above the down arrow, it goes all the way back up and I can't access my startup applications from the menu. I'm using the single menu applet where all the stuff is in one button. I'm still running Lucid and I don't wish to upgrade for a while.

    Here's the animated gif that I made using kazam, ffmpeg (for cropping, editing and converting it to gif) and gimp (for plotting the coordinates and compression)

    It's little things like this that can drive you bonkers.

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    Re: My gnome menu applet won't stay scrolled down

    I just want to bump this thread.

    Has there been any developments? I can confim this happens to me, even with a handful of applications on the list. I believe if you try to edit it at all, it messes the whole thing up completely.

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    Re: My gnome menu applet won't stay scrolled down

    From the Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct.
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