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Thread: Blank screen on booting Marveric install disk

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    Unhappy Blank screen on booting Marveric install disk

    On attempting to install Ubuntu on the computer spec'd below, the computer access the Maverick install CD but displays only a blank screen. If I hit F1 immediately after rebooting, the Language and Keyboard dialogs display, after which the expected boot menu is shown. I choose "Try Ubuntu" and hit ENTER. The CD is accessed for a while, the monitor initialized as if X is starting, a few minutes later a blank gray screen is displayed. (Note: This is not the default X screen. There is not "weave pattern" seen before GDM displays. It's just blank and gray.) End of disk activity.

    I cannot access TTY's. CTRL-ALT-FunctionKey yields a blank screen. CTRL-ALT-F7 takes me back to the gray screen.
    CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE on the gray screen does nothing.
    Disabling ACPI does changes nothing.
    Adding VGA=771 to boot options changes nothing.
    Increasing shared video memory changes nothing.
    Choosing "Test Install Disk" results in same behavior.
    CTRL-ALT-DEL reboots the computer. It is taking keyboard input.
    Ubuntu 08.04 install CD boots normally.

    Motherboard= AsRock K10N78
    Processor=AMD Phenom II, 550BE
    Video=onboard video w/256MB shared memory
    CD=Memorex USB DVD-RW

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    Re: Blank screen on booting Marveric install disk

    I am having the same problem. Do not have a solution yet, but the following link is giving me a starting point for solving

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    Re: Blank screen on booting Marveric install disk

    Thanks Dfolk. I will give the nomodeset param a try this evening and see what happens.

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