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Thread: utouch works - and now?

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    Re: utouch works - and now?

    Sorry for bumping this, but I just don't get it to work.
    I can run grail-gesture on my device and it seem to detect it well, but ginn, utouch-gesturetest etc. just stay silent.
    I'm on natty, using packages from here:

    and am transferring my android's touch-screen over to my ubuntu using uinput.

    I usually use archlinux where I successfully tested the uinput-created touch device with xi2.1 code, but since I couldn't get ginn to do anything I installed ubuntu in virtualbox and got the repos from the above mentioned link.

    Am I missing something? The "touch"-down event seems to be noticed by xorg, as the "Applications" menu entry on top opens up. But ginn still stays silent when I try out gestures. And so does utouch-gesturetest.

    Of course this had to happen *after* posting here...:
    Found out that when I unmaximize my terminal so that my touches can hit the "root" window, ginn suddenly seems to recognize gestures. Which isn't really that useful because it really only works in the root window, but not in inkscape or firefox...
    Any ideas?
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