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Thread: iPhone users - stay away from iOS

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    iPhone users - stay away from iOS

    Just updated my iPhone to iOS4.1 to take advantage of the HDR feature in the iPhone.

    It's great.

    Now I cannot sync with rhythmbox......

    Stay away from iOS4.1 - libimobiledevice is not up to it yet.

    Why must Apple make it hard for us linux users? (Think differently - as long as you use only our products).
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    Re: iPhone users - stay away from iOS

    For the same reason they make it hard for all of their users: Apple's business practices are abhorrent.

    Waiting for libimobiledevice to update as well. They say it works, but I cannot make it do so. Anyone who has had success, please post here...
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    Re: iPhone users - stay away from iOS

    There was an update for it about a day ago. I don't know if it works for iPhone users because I have android

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    Re: iPhone users - stay away from iOS

    Well that is why i still have a spare hard drive with Windows... so that I can keep using my iphone with no issues
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    Re: iPhone users - stay away from iOS

    I got it to work, but am not sure which step made it so.

    First, I installed ifuse. Didn't seem to do much.

    Then, I followed this guide:

    Again, didn't seem to do much, although ONE song out of 30 or so actually showed up on my iphone. yaah.

    Then, I opened synaptic, searched for iphone, and installed some things that seemed like they might help. Screenshot attached.

    Now it works, although, like I said, I have no idea exactly what made it work.

    /edit/Crap, nevermind, I thought this had to do with ios4.0, not 4.1. Oops. Try it though, it might work? who knows./edit/
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