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Thread: Cannot get into 'Ubuntu Netbook Edition'

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    Cool Cannot get into 'Ubuntu Netbook Edition'

    After going smooth with Ubuntu 10.04, I thought the road will be same for ubuntu 10.10. I downloaded the release candidate a week ago. On first look, I didn't even like the Unity integrated with netbook edition. Then the 'mac'ish version of files and folders. To top it all the 'mutter' and it was said that compiz doesn't work with it. What the...

    I thought it will be fixed when the stable version is released on 10/10/10. I updated it and after restarting I logged into the netbook edition and all I could see is only my wallpaper. I couldn't even open the terminal with shortcut keys. All I can do is restart the system and log in to the ubuntu desktop edition. Any solutions for this issue?

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    Re: Cannot get into 'Ubuntu Netbook Edition'

    Yeah, I had the same issue earlier today. Unity seems to not like to install.

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