Hi, I'm trying to install MATLAB on Ubuntu 10.10 and am having trouble getting the installer script to run. I am using these links as a reference (after trying the MATLAB manual):


I have an ISO, installation key, and license.dat.txt file from my university. I have placed the licence.dat.txt file in my installation directory as the second link suggests.

The result is that I run the install script and it does nothing. I cannot even run ./install -h to see the help, so something is wrong.

Here are the exact steps I'm taking:

sudo mkdir /mnt/MATHWORKS_R2010A
sudo mkdir /opt/matlab
sudo mount /<path to my ISO> /mnt/MATHWORKS_R2010A -o loop
cd /opt/matlab
sudo sh /mnt/MATHWORKS_R2010A/install

I've also tried changing the permissions of the /mnt/MATHWORKS_R2010A folder to the most favorable possible. No luck.

Any ideas? Thanks.