My background is in IT, I have been a consultant since 1989 have worked all around the US for companies such as IBM, Lucent Technologies, Phillips Electronics, Origin, The Hartford Insurance, Chase Bank Services, CheckFree, CompuServe, Lotus, and more then I care to list here.

I own and operate a Web Hosting and Design service in central Ohio. My servers run on CentOs and my preferred OS is Ubuntu. I have been an avid fan of Linux since the command line days, Calderas was the first Linux GUI interface that I used (don't hate me, they had a good OS at one time until they lost their collective minds). With being the boss I have plenty of time to devote to something I believe in and I truly believe in Linux and Ubuntu.

As for leading/govern the major goals would be to get the community more active and to get the word out about Linux and the easy of use of Ubuntu and open source. To take active part in any and all Linux and open source activities throughout the state. To work to create a more helpful support system for the new users where more of the community lends a hand. Also to work to help link more Linux users, user groups and support site into a more user friendly system, not everyone out there thinking about Linux are Geeks and propeller head... Like me.