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Thread: keyring doesn't unlock at login.

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    keyring doesn't unlock at login.

    I wonder if anyone can help me please.
    I have a problem where I am asked to unlock the keyring every time I use Evolution.I enter my password on the user select screen and login and have evolution save my email password but whenever I open the program it asks for the same password as I use to login.
    For security reasons I need to have my password requested at login but don't feel I need it for evolution as I thought my email password was enough.
    I never encountered this problem with lucid or any other release and its very frustrating.
    I would really appreciate any help.

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    Re: keyring doesn't unlock at login.

    Can someone please help as it's driving me crazy!!!
    What is the point of asking evolution to remember my email password if I have to enter my login password to read my mail????? I think maverick is starting to suck.

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    Re: keyring doesn't unlock at login.

    Normally this happens if your key ring password is not the same as your login password. Have you changed a password of late?

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    Re: keyring doesn't unlock at login.

    From this thread:

    System > Preferences > Passwords and Encryption Keys

    Right click on the default keyring, delete
    Right click the login keyring, set as default

    Notice the window will not update, don't be alarmed if the keyring doesn't disappear when you delete it
    I hope it helps. If it does please mark this thread as solved.
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