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Thread: Ubuntu server 10.04 lines on screen problem

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    Question Ubuntu server 10.04 lines on screen problem

    Hi. A very daunting looking forum.I have not used Linux before. I have installed server 10.04 onto 2 desktops and the installation went well. However I installed onto a laptop. The installation went well also until I booted for the first time. the problem is the command line resides about 4 lines below the bottom of the screen so i cannot see what i am inputing. I have searched around here and other resources to try and find an answer but have not done so. Is this such a trivial problem for experienced Linux users that i am missing the answer?

    The laptop is an acer aspire 3004 and works perfectly when I reinsert the HD with windows XP on it.

    Thanking you in advance for any help

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    Re: Ubuntu server 10.04 lines on screen problem

    Welcome to UF, please don't be daunted.

    Have you grabbed the desktop edition of 10.04? If you boot from it and get a usable display on the laptop then that will probably turn out to be handy in fixing this.

    Being about four lines below the bottom of your screen, how did you figure out it is there? Does text scroll up on your display when you hit [Enter]?

    If it's successfully joining a network already then maybe we can set up openssh-server on it to access the command line more comfortably (from your other PC) for you till it's fixed.
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    Re: Ubuntu server 10.04 lines on screen problem

    Hi, i have the very same problem, but did not solve it yet, does anyone know a solution for this?
    A workaround is to enter "clear" so that inputting commands starts on top of the screen. This works ofcourse until one reaches the bottom and you have to enter "clear" again..

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