I've tried looking it up, and I can't find anything relating to this issue anywhere. When I edit tags in Goggles and hit enter (or manually click the button) to finish with a particular selection, it automatically takes me back to the full list of all songs and artists, rather than the particular artist or album that I was in. Like if I'm looking at the album Bleach by Nirvana; I edit the tag for a song and hit enter. The task is completed, but instead of letting me continue to work in the album Bleach, it takes me back to the complete library.

Does that even make sense? I sure hope so. Anywho, does anyone know why it's doing this, or if there's something I can do so that it leaves me in whatever selection I'm in? It's nothing that'll really prevent me from using the program, because it's great otherwise; it's just mildly annoying and takes an extra two seconds to get back to where I was.

Sorry for being a n00b. ^-^ Thanks!