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Thread: Communicate with magicJack customer support for Linux support

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    Community Project - MagicJack Linux Support

    I like many other Linux users have a magicJack that does not work directly with Linux (specifically with Ubuntu). I do realize magicJack does work with a virtual machine, however we are still dependent on Microsoft or Apple. MagicJack has been stating (click here) that they will make their device work with Linux for some time now (around 2 years?) and the date seems to be getting further into the future. I recently noticed on their website (link above) that they updated the article on Sep 30, 2010 and now they state "We expect to offer Linux support sometime this quarter."

    What does the community think about making a consistent effort until they fulfill there statement of making magicJack work with Linux? I would not mind contacting customer support and requesting that magicJack work with Linux. If magicJack is constantly receiving requests for Linux compatibility, maybe they will work faster and actual fulfill their statement of working with Linux?

    magicJack support for Linux

    How often should magicJack customer support be contacted?
    How should we contact them?
    Who would like to participate?

    All suggestions, recommendations, and ideas are welcome!
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    Wink Re: Communicate with magicJack customer support for Linux support

    I would really like to see magicjack work on ubuntu.
    The ONLY thing keeping windows around is that I cant use it...
    I'd suggest people who want to have a magicjack to post so on this forum,
    then send said forum to the people in charge of magicjack.
    couldnt hurt.
    sometimes its our mistakes that make our biggest achievements.

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    Re: Communicate with magicJack customer support for Linux support

    I was online the other day with a customer service rep from magicJack. They keep saying "we'll let you know". Well, you know Gmail tied together with Google Voice works in Ubuntu as a phone in the USA. I have a dual boot with win 7 and Ubuntu 10.10. During the day the magicJack is on. After 10PM it is off because I am in Ubuntu. MagicJack and Madden 07 are the only things I can't get to work in Ubuntu. Well, anyways, I will always be bugging the reps online at about how they never kept their promise about a linux driver.

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    Re: Communicate with magicJack customer support for Linux support

    If it's important, keep nagging them about it.

    I personally don't care, but if I did, that's what I'd do.

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