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Thread: Elementary theme and Ubuntu Maverick

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    Elementary theme and Ubuntu Maverick


    Apologies if I've not posted this in the correct section. I wasn't sure whether to post this in the Maverick testing forum, or the general help forum as my questions relate to a theme that is installable from a non-default repository.

    Anyway, I've made a fresh install of 10.10RC today, after encountering too many problems with Lucid. I've mostly figured everything out now, except a few things with the Elementary theme which is available from

    The first thing that I've noticed is that my scroll bars no longer have clickable arrows on them so that I can scroll by small increments. I now am only able to scroll by dragging the scroll bar to where I want it, or by pressing page up/page down. Does anybody know whether this is the intended default behaviour, or has something gone wrong?

    The second issue that I've found is that the selectable statuses in the indicator applet session for pidgin appear to be the ugly clearlooks ones. This didn't happen in Lucid. Is this an intended change, or have I got something missing on my system?

    The elementary packages that I have got installed are: elementary-theme, elementary-icon-theme and elementary-wallpapers. I've attached a screen shot below of the ugly clearlooks status icons in the indicator applet session.

    Thanks in advance!
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