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Thread: Ubuntu One: Deleting Files and Breaking Links

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    Ubuntu One: Deleting Files and Breaking Links

    I already asked this on Ask Ubuntu, here:

    In short, sometimes U1 will delete files (this has only happened a couple times) but usually it will rename local folders to something like folder.u1conflict which makes me unable to listen in a media player. I have to delete it and re add it with Ubuntu One off, making me not able to sync- then if I choose to sync it breaks.

    Mind you, this is happening with the same files/folders. Just a couple of the same albums and some other files over and over. It will also rename things on the server (for example, I ripped one of my old Blink 182 CDs). It will show something like ".02-obviousmp37482". It adds random numbers like after mp3 and acts as if the whole title is the file extension.

    Why? And what can I do? It's really annoying me at this point.
    Oh yeah, I am on Lubuntu, but this has never happened to me on Lubuntu, Ubuntu or whatever else before.

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    Re: Ubuntu One: Deleting Files and Breaking Links

    No replies so far. I'm hoping someone out there knows how to fix this.

    I tried removing the .u1conflict from the folder name, then it just added it to every file in the folder (like song.mp3.u1conflict). Also making it unusable unless I re-name all of them... Of course.


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