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Thread: Can U1 stream to desktop (and pricing question)?

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    Can U1 stream to desktop (and pricing question)?

    With the new pricing plans and streaming service I am strongly considering upgrading my U1 account. However before I take the plunge I have a few questions that I thought someone could help with.

    1. Is there a way (or will there be) to stream from U1 to an Ubuntu desktop? For instance, I have an Ubuntu desktop/media server that I utilize as a media hub for my home. It has more storage than I'll ever use. The main PC I use however is a HP netbook with a much smaller hard drive. I'd like to sync all of my music from the media server to U1 so that I can access my entire collection via my Android phone. I'd like to be able to do the same with the netbook but if I sync it to U1 it quickly fills the hard drive. Is there a solution for this?

    2. I doesn't appear that the U1 Mobile comes with additional space, is that true? (seems a little steep for just streaming while limiting you to 2gb)

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    Re: Can U1 stream to desktop (and pricing question)?


    As I'm running a little netbook with an even littler SSD drive, I would really like to upload all my music (currently 95% of it is on an external HDD) to Ubuntu One. Then I could play it on my Android phone... but could I also play it on my netbook, without having to download the whole lot? This would cinch the deal for me, $50 for the streaming app + 20GB hosting per year would be great.

    Of course, the ability to use my own webserver would be good too, as I have a webhost with unlimited space. I just... don't want to mess with rsync and ftp and all that fun stuff. Let me pay for the Ubuntu One service, just stick the files on my host and save yourselves the cost!
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    Re: Can U1 stream to desktop (and pricing question)?

    ^^ BUMP ^^

    I think this would be an excellent feature to add to Ubuntu/ Ubuntu One.

    It's already available as a mobile app for Androids and iPhones, so is it far fetched to incorporate streaming to the desktop environment? Rhythmbox streaming integration?

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    Re: Can U1 stream to desktop (and pricing question)?

    From the Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct.
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