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Thread: Konica Minolta bizhub 211 driver

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    Question Konica Minolta bizhub 211 driver

    hello all!

    I have a question about printing with linux. I'm a root of a small office. We want to change to linux from M$, but we have some HW problem. I've tried with Ubuntu liveCD, and I looked up our main printer(we have 2 other supported HP printers, they works fine), but it seems to have no driver support.
    The manufacturer included the M$ driver CDs, but it only contrains GDI & PCL drivers(you can find here: with bizhub 211 / 163 Drivers header), what is supported only by M$ printing systems. This printer has scanner[TWAIN](then copier), fax, print function; it can be managed via IP, because we can connect it to a local swith/router with an UTP cable.

    My questions are:
    -How can I manage to work it with linux based systems?
    -May I look for a linux server with virtual M$ OS with some other (haxed) printng tecnology? But how?
    -Someone can write a postscript driver for this model? (The printig part[duplex support is necessary] is enough at first)

    Thanks your anwsers!
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