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Thread: Wake Computer at Specified time

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    Wake Computer at Specified time

    Hey Everyone,

    I am writing a program using Java. One thing I would like it to do is wake the computer at a specified time, if the computer is off. I do not mean SLEEP --> I mean physically off, but still plugged in.

    Is it possible to do this for a generic computer, or is this something that is BIOS dependent?

    I am quite certain what I want to do is possible, I just don't know how. I am not constrained to using Java, as I also know C, C++ and assembly Language.

    If anyone has knowledge on this, I will be VERY thankful.

    Cheers - CC7
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    Re: Wake Computer at Specified time

    The thing about computers which are off, is, it's very hard to run programs on them. Unless you have some fancy wake on LAN deal set up, your best bet is to poke around the BIOS and see if they have anything applicable available.
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