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Thread: No Mic Boost and Buggy Mouse in 10.10

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    Unhappy No Mic Boost and Buggy Mouse in 10.10

    This thread covers two issues so I don't need to monitor two threads, which is something I really don't need right now.

    My first problem is that my mouse seems to have a mind of it's own, as well as the touch pad. whenever I start typing, the mouse will, at random, suddenly perform a right click. This is very annoying as I often find myself on new web pages of nudging people repetitively on Pidgin while I'm typing. It also messes up my sentences completely. This used to happen on 10.04 but I can't remember exactly what happened to make it stop.

    The other issue is that my mic simply won't boost. It does temporarily: I drag the bar up a little past 100%, it sits there for a little (and works for the time that it is boosted in accordance to friends over Skype calls) then goes back down to 100% by it's self. This is very annoying too because on Ubuntu my mic seems to be quieter than usual.

    Any help on either of these would be of great help. I'm funning the 10.10 Release Candidate on a Macbook Pro 5.3

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    Re: No Mic Boost and Buggy Mouse in 10.10

    bump. same here, with no solution in sight

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