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Thread: simple video cropping and stiching

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    simple video cropping and stiching


    I am looking for a simple tool that would allow me to stitch together short mpeg files or to cut out unwanted sequences of files, without having to use a heavy video editing programme like OpenShot.

    If it can do the same for audio files (mp3) and possibly convert between formats, even better !

    Thanks for the hints


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    Re: simple video cropping and stiching

    The formats in a .mpg container are usually cat friendly and will allow you to combine your various scenes into one continuous video:
    cat input1.mpg input2.mpg input3.mpg > combined.mpg
    ...and FFmpeg can be used to cut out sections:
    ffmpeg -ss 43 -i -t 00:01:23.00 -vcodec copy -acodec copy
    This command will skip the first 43 seconds of the input and then make an output that is 1 minute and 23 seconds in duration. The -ss and -t options can take seconds as a value, as -s is using in the example, or as -t is using.

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