Hi all...

I'm currently running Ubuntu 10.04 on an HP dx2200 with an HP LA2405wg display.

I was running 10.04 merrily a couple weeks ago, and decided to be brave. I clean-wiped the machine and installed the 10.10 beta. I'm a relatively simple user (OOo, Chromium, Evolution/Thunderbird, Terminal Services), so I figured I was safe.

However, immediately after the install I started having problems. Periodically, the text in my screen will just get all 'jumbled'. What seems to be happening is that the character mapping suddenly gets corrupted. A "b" will become a "y" and so on. Initially I thought his was an application problem related to Chromium, but it persisted when switched to Firefox and persisted after a reinstallation of the beta.

So, I decided to file a bug and roll back to 10.04. I wiped the system, reinstalled 10.04, ran updates, and started working. Within minutes, the same issue appeared again. Screen caps below:

The screen caps show just a couple 'mild' examples... It's been far worse.

If I am patient, 'eventually' the text refreshes back to normal. However, I can't determine what causes the refresh (logging out or restarting seem to be the only sure-fire ways of prompting it) and sometimes the delay can be substantial (40 mins).

My guess is that this is some problem with the display, video card, or something similar.

Anyone have any insights that would be helpful.