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I tried to install this driver, using the install.sh, and it keeps erroring out. I searched the error and got this thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1475336 , but the solutions there didn't help either.
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I downloaded scangearmp-source-1.60-1.tar.gz from the link above. I found .../scripts/install.sh and ran it, but got "An error occurred. The package management system cannot be identified." I am running Ubuntu 10.04 64bit. can anyone help?
Hey, i believe i was having the same issues as the two of you.

Using the link cheri703 provided i was able to edit the install.sh file to allow me to install the packages. All i did was comment out the lines of code hinted at from cheri's link:

lines 1256-1269:
#if [ $c_system_rpm = 0 -a $c_system_deb = 0 ] || [ $c_system_rpm != 0 -a $c_system_deb != 0 ]; then
	#	printf "$L_INST_COM_01_02"
	#	return $C_ERR_CODE
	#	if test $c_system_rpm -eq 0; then
	#		C_system="rpm"
	#		C_arch32="i386"
	#		C_arch64="x86_64"
	#	else
	#	fi
line 1550:
C_FUNC_show_and_exec "sudo dpkg --force-architecture -iG $c_fpath_pkg_name"
and line 1740:
C_FUNC_show_and_exec "sudo --force-architecture dpkg -P $1"
I apologize in advance if posting a link to a file is against forum rules; This is my first post. Just replace the original install.sh file with this one:

good luck.