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Thread: Ati radeon driver : blank screen with DVI output, ok with VGA, both ok with radeonhd

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    Re: Ati radeon driver : blank screen with DVI output, ok with VGA, both ok with radeo

    I only have minimal experience with Ubuntu - I was running 8.04 on a spare computer just for fun. I tried to install 10.10 on my main desktop and experienced the same symptoms as fanf42 - blank and flashing screen. As the install cd began booting, when it gets to the point where you can choose "Try" or "Install," the screen flashes on for about a second, then goes blank (black) for about 5 - 10 seconds before it flashes again, but the time in between flashes is random.

    I have an ati Radeon X1600 video card w/ 512mb ram and an Acer P244W 24" widescreen monitor.

    The problem only seems to be with the DVI connection - not with the VGA connection.

    While trying to troubleshoot the problem, I connected an older Samsung monitor (15" non-widescreen) with the VGA connnection (that's all the samsung has available) just to see if the problem was with the monitor, and sure enough, every thing looks fine after rebooting the Ubuntu install cd. I was able to "Try" Ubuntu by running the live cd - everything looked great.

    My next test was to try the VGA connection with the Acer monitor instead of the DVI (the Acer offers both connection types). Once again the flashing and blank screen went away. I was able to change resolutions while running the live cd. It defaulted to 800x600 - I changed it to 1024x768 (this was the only other resolution available on the live cd.)

    So now I hesitate installing Ubuntu 10.10. I don't want to have to change my video cable to VGA.

    Last point is this would be a duel boot. I'm currently running XP sp3 with no video issues.

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    Re: Ati radeon driver : blank screen with DVI output, ok with VGA, both ok with radeo

    crap man im in the same situation as you and im begining to think its my old monitor. My theory is that if some how I can edit the config file in recovery mode (selected at start up of grub) that i can some how, some way, via text input force the driver to be configed to use DVI + a resolution my monitor supports. I am getting a new monitor (TV) soon but this is so annoying to deal with until I get it im bummed. I don't like this one bit. ATI make good cards but this lack of linux support is very frustrating I mean seriously who likes linux without compiz? (Excluding the few terminal hard core linux users lol). I was mad/bummed. I don't hate linux I just hate all this configuring required to just see the darn screen. Rrrr.. This kind of stuff happens in windows to btw but is fixed very simply via vga port(if ur monitor supports it). what sux is my video card does not have a vga only hdmi dvi and some other inpute wich i don't know what it is. I'm screwed. >:/

    BTW on 10.4 I noticed the same artifacts your complaining about it's maddening. People have mentioned in forums upon using different monitors they get different results. I find that odd.

    My problem with my theory is this:
    I don't know what text to input to get my resolution @ 1280x1024 (Max this monitor will support)
    and I don't know what text to enter or where to FORCE DVI to be the main input...

    any info on that will help me grately... btw i have no internet in my ubuntu/mint distro yet. I would take this to the mint forums but I swiped ubuntu with mint hoping it would fix something (i noticed a little less tearing but artifacts where still present) but mint did not fix the problem. same issues and its based off of 10.10. so yeah... i figgured it would be appropriate to post here.

    Much thanks,
    Mas Sergio

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    Re: Ati radeon driver : blank screen with DVI output, ok with VGA, both ok with radeo

    Ok, I have that monitor back in the States. Never had a problem with the DVI, but I have a SyncMaster T240 here. Now. As of 10.04 with a RadeonHD 5870 you must use the top DVI port, and not the bottom one. Now. With this in mind, what ATi card do you have, how many DVI ports does it have, and who is the manufacturer?
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