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Thread: What's wrong with mencoder?

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    Question What's wrong with mencoder?

    I'm trying to convert a video from .ogv to .avi I use this statement:
    mencoder video.ogv -oac mp3lame -ovc lavc -o video.avi
    and get this message.
    MEncoder SVN-r1.0~rc3+svn20090426-4.4.3 (C) 2000-2009 MPlayer Team
    success: format: 0  data: 0x0 - 0x1b51e0
    Ogg stream 0 is of an unknown type
    [Ogg] stream 1: video (Theora v3.2.1), -vid 0
    [Ogg] stream 2: audio (Vorbis), -aid 0
    Ogg file format detected.
    VIDEO:  [theo]  1360x768  24bpp  20.000 fps    0.0 kbps ( 0.0 kbyte/s)
    [V] filefmt:18  fourcc:0x6F656874  size:1360x768  fps:20.000  ftime:=0.0500
    Opening audio decoder: [ffmpeg] FFmpeg/libavcodec audio decoders
    AUDIO: 22500 Hz, 1 ch, s16le, 90.0 kbit/25.00% (ratio: 11248->45000)
    Selected audio codec: [ffvorbis] afm: ffmpeg (FFmpeg Vorbis)
    Opening video filter: [expand osd=1]
    Expand: -1 x -1, -1 ; -1, osd: 1, aspect: 0.000000, round: 1
    Opening video decoder: [ffmpeg] FFmpeg's libavcodec codec family
    [theora @ 0x9c7ceb0]Missing extradata!
    Could not open codec.
    VDecoder init failed :(
    Opening video decoder: [theora] Theora/VP3
    VDec: vo config request - 1360 x 768 (preferred colorspace: Planar YV12)
    VDec: using Planar YV12 as output csp (no 0)
    Movie-Aspect is 1.77:1 - prescaling to correct movie aspect.
    videocodec: libavcodec (1360x768 fourcc=34504d46 [FMP4])
    Selected video codec: [theora] vfm: theora (Theora (free, reworked VP3))
    Cannot set LAME options, check bitrate/samplerate, some very low bitrates
    (<32) need lower samplerates (i.e. -srate 8000).
    If everything else fails, try a preset.
    Thanks for the answers.

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    Re: What's wrong with mencoder?

    Hi Special,

    Perhaps try something like the following:

    mencoder video.ogv \
            -oac mp3lame -lameopts preset=standard \
            -ovc lavc -o video.avi
    If this conquers the audio problem you might have to look at beefing up the video options a little too.

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