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Thread: S03E17 - Intel's pay-for-more-power CPU

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    S03E17 - Intel's pay-for-more-power CPU

    Just throwing in my thoughts on the Intel $50 upgrade-to-better-performance cpu.

    Using the good old car analogy:

    In my car, if you pop off the blank buttons, the wiring is there already. This is, as far as I know, standard. The reason is that then the manufacturer only needs one assembly line for all models. The optional extras being added on later. The financial cost of having to run several assembly lines would then push the car's price right up.

    Now onto a appliance analogy!

    I had my washing machine fixed recently and the repair man told me the same is true with home appliances. He said there are often the top of the range LCD displays and extra functions hidden behind the front plastic panel of a cheaper model.

    Again it comes down to the cost of running multiple assembly lines.

    Why should Intel be any different? They want to cut costs, and its not an unusual business practise. Unknown by most maybe, but not unusual

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    Re: S03E17 - Intel's pay-for-more-power CPU

    S03E17? o.O Thats not the model number I've seen....

    Intel might well make some money of this, but IMO...only from idiots.

    Intel decided to take this approach to a new level, where a processor is released with locked features, that can be unlocked for a price. The first such processor is Pentium G6951. Pentium G6951 has the same specifications as Pentium G6950.

    G9651 is a special CPU, and intel wont be substituting all its current G9650s into G9651s. So you may well end up paying more for a G9651 than a G9650.

    Then, lets move onto theactual unlocking- wow, you'll give us 1MB (up from 3MB to 4MB) and hyperthreading? For $50?

    G9650 (clarkdale) 2.8GHz 3MB L3, $100-

    Intel Core i3-540 (clarkdale)- 3.06GHz, 4MB L3 (and does hyperthreading), $125-

    So for an extra $25 you could get the i3-540, which is the same core as the G9651, has the 4MB cache and hyperthreading from the factory, and an extra 0.26GHz..for less than half the cost of intels 'upgrade'.

    Try again, intel.
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