Hi everyone, been a while.

After using XP for a while now, I've decided to go back to my roots (pun intended). Ubuntu was my home, but I see I have betrayed it by giving a less-than-generous portion of my attention (and hard drive space - 30GB as compared to XP, 90GB). I want to have a fresh start (or at least make it my main OS again).

The problem I'm having was simple - I had GRUB hidden, so it would load if I held down the SHIFT key. However, as I learned recently, that wouldn't work, and it seemed that "GRUB Loading" would appear for a split second before the Windows XP logo took over. So, I decided to try my luck with the LiveCD to fix it, as I have done once before successfully.

However, after making the modifications via Terminal (mount partition, re-install GRUB) I accidentally hit "Hibernate" instead of "Restart". I realized my mistake and tried turning my computer back on again, but Windows XP loaded. No pause as the computer tries to load the disc, no "Linux ISO" message appearing as white-on-black text. No LiveCD. Period.

So, fellow Ubuntu-ers, how shall I go about making up all this lost time with Ubuntu if I can't access it? Is it possible to use a different Linux Distribution's LiveCD to repair my mistake? Or have I royally screwed myself over, and made it so that I am permanently stuck with Windows? Normally, I wouldn't complain, as XP works perfectly fine, but a rather invigorating speech by a senior student during my IT class has inspired me to once again take up my hammer and strike the anvil that is Open Source freedom.

I've somehow locked myself out of both GRUB and the LiveCD. Help.