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Thread: [Extreme Newbie] How to set up VPN?

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    [Extreme Newbie] How to set up VPN?

    please excuse the newbness. maybe I am just not understanding how VPN actually works.
    I am trying to set up a VPN via OpenVPN.

    I installed both the OpenVPN package, and the VPN-networkmanager plugin.
    I go to Network Manager > "Configure VPN"
    I choose "OpenVPN" from the box, and then there is a bunch of empty fields which I have no idea what to enter.

    I tried to follow a bunch of different guides but I get totally lost and don't understand.
    The part I get stuck on, is "Retrieve your authentication details from your VPN administrator."

    Where do I go to get this? Who is the 'VPN Administrator'? I looked on the official OpenVPN website but they don't give you any such details.

    Am I missing something? I'm feeling a bit confused. I was under the impression a VPN is similar to using a proxy, and all I would need is the server address I want to bounce off of (or tunnel through, in this case), and maybe a certificate/key.

    Can anyone help?

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    Re: [Extreme Newbie] How to set up VPN?

    I suggest reading up a bit on VPN ->
    From what you said above, it doesn't look like you need VPN.

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    Re: [Extreme Newbie] How to set up VPN?

    A VPN lets your computer become part of a remote network. Handy if you want your home computer to access files from your office server.

    That might not be what you want to do.

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    Re: [Extreme Newbie] How to set up VPN?

    I suspect this might be what you want:


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