Hello. I'm having a touchscreen problem. I've installed a touchscreen panel (egalax) made by TouchKit into a MAME box that I built a few years ago. It's 90% working, I can touch the screen to click and it registers perfectly. The problem occurs when I try to drag a window around on the desktop. As I move my finger (pressed on the screen) the window moves 90 degrees left to the direction I'm dragging in. When I remove my finger the window snaps to the correct position! Most vexing. I've tried drawing a wiggly line in Open Office and the line draws correctly but the cursor moves 90 degrees left. Any of you lovely linux peeps got any ideas? I'm a linux noob having used Windows most of my life but I'm technically competent, well I do IT support for Windows , so this is really frustrating.

Running 10.4.
Cheers in advance,