I am having a lot of trouble choosing a laptop.

I want to run Ubuntu (poss. Medibuntu). I will probably have a partition for the Windows that ship with the computer, at least until I am more experienced with linux.

I intend to be using GIMP, video editing, and would like to try Blender. So something that can comfortably handle that kind of work would be good.

I like the look of
TOSHIBA Satellite A500/031. Priced at $1,200 (Australian) down from $1,600, plus $165 for extended warranty (whatever that covers me for). That is right on my limit.

Researching Toshiba-Ubuntu combinations turns up many complaints about overheating, suspend problems, and f-key issues. It appears to be an on going issue. Perhaps Toshiba are not interested in anything but Microsoft. I cannot find much on this particular model (
Satellite A500/031, part no. PSAR9A-031).

The store in which I saw this model, Lapyking in Canberra City, are happy for me to boot a LiveCD in the store but can give me no information about Linux on their computers. I am not confident of finding potential problems during an in-store live boot.

If anyone has some information on this computer, or something else that will meet my needs (and not die in 1yr and 1day) I would love to hear about it.