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Thread: Digidesign Mbox 1 (Classic) Sound Driver

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    Lightbulb Digidesign Mbox 1 (Classic) Sound Driver


    I have a Digidesign Mbox 1 which I currently use it on Windows with the Ploytec driver, which is an alternative to the official Digidesign driver. I want to switch to Ubuntu Studio, however I can't find any mention of a Linux driver for this device anywhere. There is some mention in the comments on a blog here: (thanks Persia) but I couldn't find anything else. The kernal patch the guy mentions is for the Mbox 2, not Mbox 1.

    Has anyone had any luck with this piece of audio hardware and ubuntu?

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    Re: Digidesign Mbox 1 (Classic) Sound Driver

    Hi, same problem/issue. Any help, data, info, answer?
    Is there any way to get working Mbox1 Classic in Ubuntu/UbuntuStudio?

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    Re: Digidesign Mbox 1 (Classic) Sound Driver

    I would sell them, unless Pro-Tools is really needed, but I don't even know AVIDs resale policy! There are several good usb, firewire, and pci
    options for linux studios, that require minimal configurations, so there is life after mbox


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