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Great work and thanks for posting.

However, nothing was mentioned about performance when running applications. I have read in some forums that Lubuntu is the lightweight Ubuntu. Thought I give it a try (Lubuntu 12.10)on my aging netbook; I couldn't play movies (using latest VLC) and browse the internet at the same time (using Chromium that came with OS). The movie will lag like crazy. And browser will display in sections and parts like it's being refresh.

During that time, the CPU usage will be 90-100% while 1gb RAM is only using probably 5-10%.

Anyone has any recommendations for a 2nd life of that netbook that will only be used for movies and web browsing?

What are your hardware specs?

If it is an aging Celeron or Atom netbook with integrated graphics then your results are typical in my experience. These do not have the "oomph" for a high quality multimedia experience at the same time you are web browsing. The CPU usage at 90-100% strongly implies you have reached the limits of your hardware's performance.