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Thread: Remove UNR from dual boot WIN XP EEE PC

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    Remove UNR from dual boot WIN XP EEE PC

    Hi all,

    I recently did a package upgrade on my UNR installation and it killed my wireless connection. After playing around non stop trying to get it to work again, I've destroyed the installation and would like to remove it and start again.

    My system is a EEE PC 1005H running firstly WINXP and then UNR 10.04 lucid as dual boot.

    I need to remove the UNR installation so I'm basically left with WinXP only. I want to get back to this stage so I can pretty much start again and get back to a working system.

    Any help much appreciated. My knowledge of linux is beginner if that helps.

    Cheers in advance

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    Re: Remove UNR from dual boot WIN XP EEE PC

    If you installed UNR to on a separate partition and not through windows, then you can just boot up a live CD and delete the partition. If you want to get rid of grub, you would have to fix the MBR, or you could just reinstall ubuntu over the borked version
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