I have a 10.4 server with an rt61pci card that i have configured manually using wpa2. The connection works fine for a while; however, after the server's screen saver comes on, I can no longer access the server remotely. I can't even ping it. If I log onto the server, I can ping the router, internet, etc. -everything looks great; however, the only way I am able to ping/access the server from another box is by restarting the networking service.

The machine is configured with a static ip address and I did notice that the wireless router shows the mac address with a IP instead of the one that I have configured. Is that a hint?

I checked IP tables and nothing seems to be running. Like I said, it all works great after a restart.

Also, the card's power management setting is turned off.

Tricky problem. If anyone has any ideas on how to troubleshoot, I'd appreciate them