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Thread: dual boot windows XP(first) and ubuntu(second)

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    dual boot windows XP(first) and ubuntu(second)

    i tried this before but after adjusting the grub2 menu all i would get was a black screen after the POST

    good thing i made a ghost like always

    so what i wnat to do is

    reinstall ubuntu next to my windows xp

    i want to use ubuntu for secure payments(since i trust ubuntu is save) since on my xp there always some stuff that log it :/(pls dont ask why)

    i do know that when after i install ubuntu and made xp my main boot again that i can encrypt teh partition that my ybubtu is on so that my xp has no access to it

    but now to my main question
    how can i make xp be my main boot ?

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    Re: dual boot windows XP(first) and ubuntu(second)

    Goto Ubuntu Software Center and install StartUp-Manager. The Startup-Manager is under System>Administration>StartUp-Manager. Select Windows XP under Default Operating System.


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