I've just got a new Acer Aspire 5742G, its a 64bit system with a Nvidia Geforce gt 420m with 1gb dedicated ram.
I'm trying to get ubuntu lucid, latest version (2.6.32-24) to work on it. I can only get it to use a maximum resolution of 800x600.
The nvidia driver was originally not availble, so I installed nvidia-current and the hardware drivers tool found and activated the driver. It didn't make any difference.
The NVIDIA X Server settings tool says I'm not using the nvidia driver and suggests nvidia-xconf
I ran nvidia-xconf and it created an xorg.conf - which produced a blank screen,
I've tried old solutions to that by modifying the xorg.conf and adding display options, all to no avail.

I was wondering if anyone was aware how to get this device working... is one of the older drivers compatible? I've also tried installing the lastest driver from NVIDIA, the closest of which is the 480m driver, it produces the same effects as nvidia-current.

Has anyone got any ideas out there?