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    Question Video Game Floorplans

    I'm designing a video game, and I need to draw every single room. They would sit on a grid, and allow me to create simple shapes and label everything with text (including shading). Ideally I would want something suited closely for this type of job.

    Any ideas? In windows I used Sketchup, but that wasn't the best and I would rather avoid Wine.

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    Re: Video Game Floorplans


    Perhaps Blender would suit your needs. I also found this thread which may be some help to you

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    Re: Video Game Floorplans

    Presumably you'll be using bitmaps. Blender would work, but you'd need to enable the orthographic camera feature in order to get really straight grid lines in your renders.

    I would tend to recommend GIMP. I've used it for game graphics and it works great. It does have guides (like gridlines) that you can use, and it comes with a filter (Filter --> Render) that will draw grids. You could draw a grid layer pretty easily and use it as an overlay.

    Inkscape is another one to look into, but GIMP is probably the most common to use in this situation.
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