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Thread: Help choosing onboard with for SPDIF

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    Help choosing onboard with for SPDIF

    Hi, I´m about to buy a new motherboard and I need it to have SPDIF out.

    So far I have found just two motherboards which fullfil my requirements and those motherboards have either:
    • Realtek ALC889A codec
    • VIA VT1708S codec

    I plan to use SPDIF passthrough.
    Do you know which of those should work better in Ubuntu?

    (I have been doing some research about it but all the posts I found were very old).

    Thank you!

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    Re: Help choosing onboard with for SPDIF

    Both should work fine with ubuntu.

    From what I know, the RL 889 is better than the VIA 1708S. I havent tried a 889, but its a better chip than the 888 in my motherboard, and that sounded better (quite a bit better!) than the 1708S I had in a different motherboard. Also, the 888 can have SPDIF output. the motherboard I'm running here has that chip and a SPDIF output.

    BTW, if you wanted a quality sound, you could get an Asus Xonar D1 or DS. Both have a SPDIF output port, and are better than the onboard sound.

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