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    This is probably a really stupid question. I have just installed QtOctave, it looks like a really cool program but I am not sure how to configure it.

    In the help file it says you have add Octave's path to general configuration . Do I just add /usr/bin/octave3.2.4 to the box under Config > General Configuration > Octave? What should I put for Octave argument?

    I tried to install some packages from Config > Install Octave Packages. It downloaded some tar archives into /tmp but without installing them even though it said it did ,--on restarting the boxes remained unchecked. I am also quite puzzled that some packages are not checked in the list of already installed packages in the "download Octave packages" dialogue box even though they were already installed via synaptic. Does it mean that if I download and install these packages again from QtOctave I would get multiple copies perhaps of different versions? So if run Octave in the terminal and call these modules would I be using different versions? I am wondering what is the logical explanation to that.

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