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Thread: XRDP - can login only once.

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    XRDP - can login only once.


    I was looking for good way to remote login into my computer.
    VNC wasn't good because it causes problem to run before logging into gnome.
    XRDP haven't got such problems, BUT i can login only once. I mean, that after rebooting computer and login remotely via rdp, and logging off on remote session, i cannot log in again.
    Client application stucks on message "sending info to sesman".

    What's wrong with it?

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    Re: XRDP - can login only once.

    I am having a problem with this also. I will admit I haven't read any documentation so far and was just quickly searching for a solution...

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    Re: XRDP - can login only once.


    I am also having similar problem. I can login to ubunti 10.04 LTS only once from winXP machine. Once I close the session by logging out and closing the remote desktop connection I can not relogin. The syslog on ubuntu machine indicated a crashed sesman session. Reboot the ubuntu machine and I can connect once again.

    Can some one guide me in solving this problem.



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    Unhappy Re: XRDP - can login only once.

    Im also having a similar issue

    Xrdp will connect for approx 1 min then closes

    when you attempt to login again it gets stuck on sending info to sesman

    Im running ubuntu 10.04 x64

    Any suggestions for this one?


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