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Thread: Eee 1015 hardware oddities

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    Eee 1015 hardware oddities

    Hello. I removed Windows 7 Starter put Ubuntu on my ASUS Eee 1015PE netbook a while ago. It runs fine and is very power efficient, and much better than 7 in actually doing things. However, I seem to have a couple of odd hardware problems with it.

    1. Brightness. I found through combing the forum, that I could enable the Function keys (the useful ones anyway) by putting “acpi_osi=Linux” in my kernel parameters in Grub. This, though, seems to make Ubuntu unaware of the brightness keys. The little notify-osd thing that comes up when I change the brightness isn't there anymore. It has 11 states of brightness, when before it went in about 5.

    I also learned that putting “acpi_backlight=vendor” will bring the control of the brightness from the BIOS (I think) to Linux. This kind of works, but it's very buggy. The notify-osd thing comes up, but the bar won't go up all the way. It seems to think it goes in the fewer amount of steps, but it still going in the BIOS-controlled ones, so it gets out of sync.

    Also, possibly unrelated, the brightness applet for gnome-panel, if I right click it to bring down the slider and then try to move the slider, it just disappears. It will only work if I left click it to bring down the menu, and then click the slider behind it. This happens with acpi_backlight on or off.

    2. Bluetooth, the main problem seeming to be that bluetoothd is randomly terminating. I used gnome-bluetooth for awhile, the default indicator applet thing, but that gave me too much guff, so I got blueman, which seems to be more flexible. I noticed that it worked just after I installed it, but if I rebooted it, the applet was nowhere to be seen in the panel. After some digging, I found it needed the 'bluez daemon' to start, which is just bluetoothd. The rc0.d script K74bluetooth didn't seem to be working, so I put /usr/sbin/bluetoothd in the sudoers, put 'sudo bluetoothd' in rc.local, and rebooted. THAT worked, but after a while, bluetoothd went down again (because the blueman applet disappeared), and I have to run 'sudo bluetoothd' again to start it. The time it takes for it to go down is totally random; it could be minutes, it could be hours. Also, 'sudo service bluetooth start/stop' and 'sudo /etc/init.d/bluetooth stop/start' both work it controlling the daemon. I would post some logs if I could, but bluetoothd doesn't give any output.

    The reason I discovered it was bluetoothd, is that gnome-bluetooth was having spotty control over the bluetooth adapter. It seems when you turn off bluetooth in gnome-bluetooth, it actually kills the daemon, but in blueman, this is not so, and, in fact, it is required to be running for the applet to work. So when I rebooted after getting blueman and tried to run the manager, it said it needed bluez to be running, which, again, is bluetoothd.

    The contents of K74 bluetooth:

    #! /bin/sh 
     # Provides: bluetooth 
     # Required-Start:    $local_fs $syslog $remote_fs dbus 
     # Required-Stop:     $local_fs $syslog $remote_fs 
     # Default-Start:     2 3 4 5 
     # Default-Stop:      0 1 6 
     # Short-Description: Start bluetoothd 
     ### END INIT INFO 
     . /lib/lsb/init-functions 
     set -e 
     case "$1" in 
         #currently this init script exists only because of what appears to be 
         #an egg and chicken problem 
         #  bluetoothd normally starts up by udev rules.  it needs dbus to function, 
         #  but dbus doesn't start up until after udev finishes triggering 
         if [ ! -f /sbin/udevadm.upgrade ]; then 
           udevadm trigger --subsystem-match=bluetooth 
         pkill -TERM bluetoothd || true 
         $0 stop 
         $0 start 
         status_of_proc "bluetoothd" "bluetooth" && exit 0 || exit $? 
         # echo "Usage: $N {start|stop|restart|reload|force-reload|status}" >&2 
         echo "Usage: $N {start|stop|restart|force-reload|status}" >&2 
         exit 1 
     exit 0
    I think that's it. If I can uncover anything else, I'll put it here. If I get more solid information I'll try a bug report.

    Thanks all.

    EDIT: Whoops, I posted this thread twice, didn't I? Blasted public WiFi. Someone come and delete this one please.
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