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Thread: Maximum Simultaneous Socket Connection

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    Exclamation Maximum Simultaneous Socket Connection

    Hi everyone,

    I'm writing a client-server program. There are more than 500 clients. I start a thread to process and response to each client and the processing needs some MySQL query. I'm looking for any possible hazards on my server!
    1- Any limitation on "Maximum Simultaneous Socket Connection"?
    2- Any limitation on using mysql?
    3- As socket on Linux are file, Any limitation on number of sockets or threads?

    I'm using a Linux server (Centos or Fedora or Ubuntu) and clients are both Linux and Windows.

    Any answer is appreciated

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    Re: Maximum Simultaneous Socket Connection

    1) Apache has a max clients setting that you should look into if you are making a web app
    3) Not that you will hit.
    cat /proc/sys/kernel/threads-max
    You can change the value if you want.
    I can't find anything particular about sockets.

    All of these are really limited by the amount of memory you have.

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    Re: Maximum Simultaneous Socket Connection

    Thanks "jbrown96". How about "backlog" parameter of "listen" function? What should I set for that?

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