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Thread: NES emulation lag/choppiness

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    NES emulation lag/choppiness

    Hey everyone. Got a brief question regarding some performance issues I've noticed with certain NES games I've been emulating... I am using the FCEUX emulator (v2.1.5) as described in this thread:

    And my computer is new enough that it obviously shouldn't be having any bottlenecks/technical limitations while emulating (isn't everyone's)?

    I have noticed that when there are multiple sprites on-screen in certain games (Metroid comes to mind), the game will often slow down noticeably. In some extreme cases, the choppiness is such that gameplay is markedly (and adversely) affected. Everything else works fine- the audio is great, my USB controller works, and the emulator seems to be doing everything else it should. The strange thing is that I often notice the same problem in emulators on my Windows partition which track framerate, and during each little graphical snag they faithfully report that I'm getting 60 frames/second. I would imagine that FCEUX would say the same thing if it had a framerate tracker (maybe it does?).

    Without further ado, here's my question(s): it would be pretty astronomical to think that these spots of choppiness are caused by a technical bottleneck (and the system monitor confirms that), so what could be causing them? Is it simply a weakness of the emulation process or FCEUX in particular, and is there some way to fix them?

    As always, I am available to post the content of any configuration files you'd like to see. Thanks for any help you guys can offer!


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    Re: NES emulation lag/choppiness

    I had noticeable lag in GFCEU after a clean install of UNE 10.04 on my Eee 701, but everything ran great after installing the recommended A/V software in the following thread.

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    Re: NES emulation lag/choppiness

    I personally use Jnes with WINE and never had any problems so far, no lag, nothing choppy, detect USB controller just fine and sound is great.

    Just wanted to share that

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