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Thread: Optimized Install options for SSD??

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    Question Optimized Install options for SSD??

    Hi All

    Finally took the plunge and got myself an OCZ 32GB SSD for my main desktop.

    I'm getting some mixed info on the 'best' (and I know thats a personal option in the end) configuration for partitions, ect..

    Here are my specs:

    AMD Phenom x4
    4GB 800MHz Ram
    nVidia geForce 9500w/512MB
    OCZ 32GB SSD (sda)
    WDC 200GB Sata HD (sdb)
    Hitachi 500GB Sata HD (sdc)
    LG Dual Layer Sata DVD Burner (sdd)

    I'm already aware of the various optimizations for SSD drives, such as using noatime, a different IO scheduler and mounting my tmp & firefox cache in a ram disc.

    What I am wondering, is what the best partition setup would be for what I have. As an example:

    sda - boot
    sdb - home
    sdc - storage

    but as for the partitions such as /var and the others, I'm not sure what the best options would be to get the best bang for my buck.

    Also, is a swap file required anymore, will I see an appreciable different in performance if I just did not use one? If I need one, should it be on the SSD or one of the other drives?

    any thoughts or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
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    Re: Optimized Install options for SSD??

    I'm reading your question as one about performance. I would say that you could certainly just put sda as /, sdb as /home, and sdc as storage (where you mount the second and third drives shouldn't affect performance). The SSD will give you improved boot times, etc, though you may want to format this as ext2 to minimise the number of writes.

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