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    i look for a program that do a simple socket and he out it every show the output in periodique time (every trame comming to the socket in this tcp port )
    and i hope that i will find my satisfy in this precious forum whatever i googled this probleme but i don't have the 'approov ' from ubuntu)tn
    language i prefer in php and thxs lot

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    Re: socket

    I think you should work a little more on your english language dark of angel, can you translate your firs line so it would be more clear and easier to understand.
    I think you can try searching sourceforge projects for a php project that does what you want to do. That may help.

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    Re: socket et multithread

    je cherche une socket qui permet d'ecouter sur un port xx tcp .Ce port accept plusieurs message au meme temps ainsi il permet de manipuler ce flux dans un tableau


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